For many of you Tropicana Clubbers, Club Tropicana doesn’t need an introduction. For the other Club Tropicana rookies: scroll through these pages, look at the movie, look at the pictures, and get a taste of the most exciting, the most smashing and the most crazy Hockey tournament of this continent.

This year we are pushing it a little further: Our line-up this year will bring you a mix of quality and party music. So if you want to register a team, get your crew together and register quick (last edition we sold out in 2 weeks). If you just want to party and enjoy the vibe grab your tickets on this site.

Welcome to Club Tropicana!



Of course, Hockey remains the main activity of this event. Whether you consider hockey to be an excuse for partying or the main reason why you come down to our Tropical event, is totally up to you. But the rules of the game have to be clear.

Indoor rules

  • You need 10 players for one team (1 goalie)
  • Per team minimum 3 girls
  • All players must be 18 or older


Registration opens 19 February at 1PM: On 19 February, 1PM, On the site you can click on ‘Register Team’, here you can make an account and add a team to your account.

Following is the registration itself: Registration means that you can buy a teamcard for every member (minimum 10 players, maximum 16 players). In this registration process you will have to pay for every player you subscribe, with a minimum of 10 and a maximum of 16. No worry’s, several weeks later it is possible to add or change players and their information. Following information will be needed (from every player) in the registration step:

  • First name & Surname
  • Email Adress
  • Gender
  • Birth date
  • Member of the KBHB (Koninklijke Belgische Hockey Bond) in 2018 or not

You can also choose if you want to compete in the beginners league or in the Pro league.


The tournament is from Friday evening till Saturday evening.
So first games start at 20H00 on Friday and last until Saturday 19H.
No games on Sunday.


Players Ticket 105 euro pp All-in ticket for Hockey Tournament, Music Festival including 4 meals (dinner-breakfast-lunch-BBQ). Entrance Friday at 6PM.
Friday Music Festival 20 euro pp (excl costs) Entrance at the Friday night Music Festival, doors 6PM.
Saturday Music Festival 25 euro pp (excl costs) Entrance at the Saturday Music Festival, doors 12AM.
Combi Music Festival 40 euro pp (excl costs) Entrance at the Friday and Saturday Music Festival, doors Friday at 6PM, Saturday at 12AM.
BBQ Ticket 20 euro pp (incl cocts) Ticket for Saturday evening BBQ. Only in combination with a ‘Saturday Music Festival’ or a ‘Combi Music Festival’. This BBQ-ticket does not give you access to enter the Hockey Tournament or Music Festival zone.

Latest tropical news

Practical information


At Club Tropicana we will make sure the Food is of top quality! The most gastronomic taste papilla’s will be satisfied.

If you participate to the tournament 4 warm meals are included: from Friday evening till Saturday evening.

If you are not participating at the tournament but you would like to enjoy the food, please grab your Fan package (limited availability).


Sleepover in tents for Friday and Saturday is possible and highly recommended.


Koninklijke Mechelse Tennis- en Hockeyclub
Bergenstraat 2
2811 Hombeek

E19 Antwerp – Brussels
Exit n°10, Mechelen-Zuid
At the roundabout, turn left, direction Hombeek

At the first traffic lights, turn left, direction Hombeek

In Hombeek, keep left

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